Kavita Raha

Kavita Raha, Founder, curator and the brainchild behind Art Podium is one of Singapore’s best-known event managers, successfully curating art exhibitions over the past 15 years. She is well known in art circles and is an avid collector herself, having dealt with senior artists and contemporary international masters throughout this period.

Prior to this she has worked as a Banker for 10 years with Bank Of America & Standard Chartered Bank, in hospitality with ITC hotels & Oberoi Hotels, as an Art Dealer, an Event Manager - Founder of PHI events and ran it for 14 years, organised TEDx talks, a MICE consultant with Helms Briscoe & Global Cynergies, a Community Leader, and now an Author of 'Smart MICE in the Lion City' - a guide on hosting events from10 - 25,000 people in Singapore.

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