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ARTPODIUM brings together the artists, collectors, critics, galleries, curators and auctioneers, with the objective of creating a community of art stakeholders and enthusiasts on to a single platform. We bring you rare collections of Heritage, Modern and Contemporary artworks by Masters, award winners and upcoming artists from Singapore, South and Southeast Asia. These include Paintings, Installations, drawings, Sculptures, Lithographs, Photographs for the moment and we plan to expand into videos, filmmaking, ceramics and architecture. Our purpose is to offer a rich cultural art diversity to the participants and the viewers, along with encouraging artists, art history and art itself. With a goal to draw like-minded people together, thus creating a larger art community.

We have hosted a number of Art exhibitions & fairs since 2005, wherein we have visiting masters and upcoming artists to interact and tell their stories, panel discussions, talks, poetry reading, live painting demonstration and silent auctions.  We have worked with a number of galleries, media companies and corporates within the region.  We keep these events open to public to nurture and encourage audiences, to appreciate the past and embrace the contemporary styles of art. Completing the circle, our efforts is always to support charities who use art therapy to help the trauma affected and those broken by life.

We believe that 'ART is not a thing, it is a way' Elbert Hubbard. Our approach to art is holistic, it includes focus on art production, Art management, curation, interactive art education & appreciation and supporting an art charity at all times.

Furthermore, arts often goes beyond creativity and self expression. Art is an international language which evokes emotions and mystery. Contemporary art can communicate ideas and happenings, which can be motivated by politics, environment, beliefs, beauty, turmoils that may generate strong emotions.  We believe that this pandemic will change the contemporary art styles to come.  Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation. It is affecting all of our families, our businesses, our communities, and our way of life. Going forward, this will shape our art and the ecosystem as well.

Write to us on contactartpodium@gmail.com